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Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace е туристичка атракција во Copenhagen, Данска

Sorry, but currently we do not have detailed information about this tourist attraction called «Christiansborg Palace» in Македонски. If you can tell us something interesting about it, please do it!Информации за «Christiansborg Palace» е достапен на следниве јазици:

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Dunja Quince
23 October 2012
Amazingly beautiful castle
Darleny Lopez
15 January 2016
Huge structure! Amazing architecture
Alex Priest
8 January 2013
Beautiful to walk around in. Don't miss the Royal Library Garden and say hey to Søren.
Hans-Henrik T Ohlsen (SU9)
10 October 2010
Home to the Danish parliament, Folketinget. The island was originally 3 islands and was the original location ohe 2 previous castles burned down and can be visited in the basement - take a tour.
Cyrielle Louise
10 May 2016
The Royal Stables : little but interesting
Coco Brk
15 February 2015
The Tower is open to visit and enjoy the view (free)! There's also a restaurant up there!
Jonas Wilstrup
16 July 2014
Go to the newly opened tower. It's free.
Ea Hansen
14 November 2017
Christiansborg Palace is home to the Danish Parliament and Royal Reception Rooms. Although there is a fee to tour much of Christiansborg itself, entrance to the tower and church are free.
Can Erdem
14 August 2017
Parliament building
Justine Van der Beken
24 July 2017
Tower is closed on monday
Steqhanie H
8 May 2017
regal building
Kate Pinto
20 March 2017
Check out the tapestries -- amazing modern ones!
Nick Fuqua
19 March 2017
Make sure to take the guided tour of the Royal Reception/Ballrooms. Fantastic information and very interesting. That one is a must, the others are not as great, so skip if pressed for time.
Gabriel Queiroz
15 March 2017
Go up in the palace tower for a free 360° view of Copenhagen!
Ekaterina Petrova
22 December 2016
The panoramic view from the tower is marvelous!
Fabrice Laurent
11 Април 2017
Seuls les fans de Borgen peuvent comprendre...
Karol Ar
7 October 2014
Está es una ciudad q enamora. Una arquitectura fantástica y una comida riquísima.
Ariane Burgueño
26 March 2018
Te puedes subir a la torre con elevador gratis. Los lunes está cerrado.
Erdem Sevgi
28 June 2017
Borgen fanları, bu bölgeyi mutlaka ziyaret etmeli. Nyborg'un yürüyüş eşliğinde görüşmelerini yaptığı sütunlu koridorlar kalenin iki yanında yer alıyor.
Natalie Enokiantz
17 January 2017
Я влюблена в этот волшебный дворец! Обязательно к посещению!

Christiansborg Ridebane 25, 1218 København K, Данска

Изтеглете упътвания
Работно време
Fri-Sat 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
Mon 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Tue 8:00 AM–6:00 PM
Wed 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

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