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Национални Паркови in Samariá

Samariá Gorge

Samariá Gorge е туристичка атракција во Samariá, Грција

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Visit Greece
13 September 2011
Even though the path runs downhill it requires strong, comfortable footwear and some degree of physical fitness. See link for hiking map!
Corinna P
10 August 2011
If you're in Crete, it's a crying shame to miss the gorge. Keep your eye out for all the krikri goats. Enjoy your hard earned swim in Roumeli after the hike.
European Parliament
15 July 2013
16 km long, 300 meters deep and – in the narrowest part – only 4 meters wide, this is not just a national park but a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.
Visit Greece
4 September 2014
The “star” of the National Forest is the famous Cretan wild goat, best known as the “Kri-kri”. This is the gorge’s most famous resident and for its protection the gorge was declared a National Park.
Anneke Nijenhuis
28 August 2014
The hike is pretty exhausting, especially during the summer, but it's totally worth it. Don't forget to wear good shoes.
27 August 2014
Beautiful trip! Make sure to wear good shoes, above ankles. I slipped a couple of times.
Amir Sina
22 September 2013
if you want to see the fantastic waterfall, you must start early. be well rquiped. the rosd from chania to the park in some places is under construction and you shall drive very slow.
Petros Ant
28 June 2012
Long walk (~4-7 hours), but even slightly fit people will have no trouble. Many places to refill water, but no place to buy food, so bring some along. Bus and ferry are pricey (14€,9€),gorge 5€.
Moira Willow
9 September 2017
It took us 6 hours to go 13 km. Take tracking boots with ribbed sole, a swimsuit for beach in Agia Roumeli after the track and a muscle & joint rub. Don't take water, there are springs on the track.
Nana Apostolopoulou
12 March 2017
One of the most difficult hikes of my life, but definitely worth it!! I totally recommend getting there as early as possible to have time to rest on the hike.
Kitrinos Skiouros
22 August 2015
You need good shoes! Great and adventurous place.
Pawel G.
3 October 2014
Don't bring 5 liters of water, you can take it in the gorge from many water sources
Samaria Hotel
12 September 2014
The heat during summer is an important factor that you must keep in mind!
I loved it!! Do not miss it!
Pavel Paška
10 August 2014
Big change from stabil relax on the beach.
Martine Le Jossec
20 August 2011
Mieux vaut commencer la randonnée tôt le matin, à la "fraîche" et se munir de bonnes chaussures et de bouteilles d'eau. Le retour par Loutro s'impose !
21 August 2013
Здесь очень красиво. Кругом горы, тишина и прохлада. Не поленитесь съездить и дорога не опасная. Отметка 1275
25 September 2011
De beroemde Samariakloof in het gelijknamige national park op het eiland Kreta. Open van 1 mei tot 15 oktober. Totale tocht +/- 16 km (13,2 in de kloof en 2,8 erna naar het strand)
Max WebZ ????
17 June 2016
Не едьте сюда на машине. Лучше идите до конца все 13км) А если все же планируетеподниматься обратно из ущелья - не берите ссобой много вещей. И необходима хорошая обувь - идти нужно по булыжникам.
Roula Green
16 October 2015
???????? εμπειρια !

2.8km from Μονοπ. Αγία Ρουμέλη - Σαμαριά, Palea Agia Roumeli 730 11, Грција

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